Call for industry-led projects in Visual Analytics: VARDEC funding available.

The Visual Analytics Research and Development Consortium of Canada (VARDEC) is seeking Canadian industry expressions of interest (EOI) for research projects in the area of interactive Visual Analytics (VA); as collaborations with Canadian academic researchers (including students). Eligible and approved projects can access VARDEC project funding.

  • For eligible projects to access VARDEC funding the proponent Canadian company involved in the project will need to join VARDEC as a Consortium Member.
  • VARDEC can also help match industry projects with appropriate academic researchers.

VARDEC Research Project Criteria

All VARDEC research and development projects must incorporate interactive Visual Analytics (VA), but will likely also include other elements related to the use of VA and analytics in specific contexts, such as corporate operations, finance, manufacturing, process control, health and safety, and security.

Visual analytics techniques and technologies support the interactive analysis, sense-making and decision-making activities of human analysts by providing some or all of the following capabilities:

  • Interactive visual exploration and synthesis of information.
  • Derivation of insights from massive, dynamic, ambiguous and, often conflicting, data.
  • Provision of assessments that are timely, defensible and understandable.
  • Communicating assessments effectively to allow action, e.g., storytelling.

To submit expressions of interest (EOI):

To submit your Expression of Interest please contact Mel Chaar or visit Open Projects.