About Visual Analytics

About Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics (VA) is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces.

Where Analysis is the detailed examination of any size and number of data collection, Analytics is the science behind analysis. Analytics is a multidisciplinary field that lets people obtain an optimal or reasonable decision based on existing data.

Visual Analytics allows human analysts to rapidly explore large, complex datasets to gain new business insight using interactive visualization, allowing them to detect the expected and discover the unexpected.

Visual Analytics involves the understanding of:

  • Cognitive Processes
  • Data Acquisition
  • Tools
  • Techniques and Methods
  • Results’ communications patterns.

Visual Analytics aims at providing individuals (engineers, managers, analysts, etc.) with tools to explore, synthesize and derive insight from massive, heterogeneous, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting, data.

 VA takes advantage of the visual intelligence and cognitive abilities of human analysts by using interactive, exploratory visualization tools integrating statistical-driven, data-mining and machine learning capabilities guided by the analyst.