The amount of data available from sensors and increasingly complex manufacturing and operational processes is fast growing beyond the ability of conventional analysis tools to make sense of it.

Visual analytics (VA) allows human analysts to interactively explore vast quantities of data using our best-honed sense - the human visual system - enabling companies to derive insight from their data.

By joining VARDEC, Canadian companies can take advantage of already successful applications of VA in areas such as aviation safety engineering, maintenance, manufacturing reliability and process improvement. Application of VA in these domains will result in significant improvements in productivity, profitability and efficiency.

Through VARDEC, companies will enjoy the following advantages:

1. Reduced costs for VA research by:

  • Leveraging other research partner investments
  • Sharing overhead costs of research administration

2. Accessing research funding opportunities, such as:

3. Minimized risk associated with VA research by:

  • Associating with world leaders in VA research and development
  • Partnering with leading research organizations and universities

 4. Access to highly sought-after VA interns, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows

 5. Lasting business relations with leading aerospace and related companies

 6. Access to a network of research partners and scientists undertaking cutting-edge VA research across Canada and worldwide

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